You could say that people paying you money is actually based on a science: the science of trust. As soon as people trust your skills or you as a person, they are willing to pay you money for your product or service. Now, since money is a commodity most people don’t have plenty of, you can imagine that the higher the amount of money you ask for your product or service, the more the people, your customers, need to trust you and your expertise. The fact is though, if they are totally sure about your skills (in other words, you sold yourself or your service very well), people will pay the world to you.

We all have them: the “pains” in our lives of things we’d love to be able to do well, but we are just not very good in doing them. A girl who just found a great guy maybe wants to cook him a dinner that will make him love her to the moon and back, but alas, she doesn’t know how to cook. To her, learning how to cook well so she can get him to stay with her forever, might be invaluable and thus she might pay you quite the sum of money if you can teach her how to cook proper food that tastes great.

Or what about the story about the guy who found out how to jump higher? Seriously, the guy became a millionaire because he just knew better than anybody else in the world how to improve your power to jump higher. You might not think much of this expertise, but what about all the young volleyball and basketball players (just to name a few) that want to become legends in their sports? As I said, the guy made millions of dollars by sharing his expertise about jumping higher.

Why People Will Pay You Money Over And Over Again

Russell Brunson wrote several books in which he explains why people will pay you money over and over again and it has everything to do with expertise and people trusting that expertise. We see it all around us, every single day. The guy who knows all about flowers and sells them in high quantity because he has the expertise to buy them on the marketplace cheap and fresh, so they last long in people’s homes and don’t cost too much. Or the girl that gives singing lessons to your kids and turns them into a bunch of singing angels (oh boy, we all want that!).

A lot of people get a job when they want to make money for a living and never ask themselves: What are my super powers? What is my expertise? And how can I turn this expertise into a living right the bleep now? That sounds a lot better than “how do I make money by starting a business,” right? That sounds complex and sounds like you have to learn a lot. Well, yes, also when you want to make money with your expertise, you will start your own business, but, usually, the thing that you are an expert in, is something that you have fun with or that you like, right?

If you want to know how to make money with your expertise, your passion or your skills, and I mean, really make a living in the long run, I can do nothing else then advise you to really read Expert Secrets. On this website, you will find an offer to get that book for free. Go here and get it today. You will find out how you, promoting your expertise, can create a crowd that will buy over and over again from you. It will literally teach you that whatever product concerning your expertise you put out there, people will buy it from you because they trust you. And it doesn’t matter whether that is a product of 47 dollars or 997 dollars. Just because it is you and your expertise, people WILL pay you. So… read that book and take your life into your own hands! And if you need help, drop us a line through our contact form! We are here to help you become successful in your life! 🙂

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