[from the ET Blog] Today, we’re providing the Divi community with yet another free layout. This layout will help people who want to set up a Divi website for a university or college. Using this layout as your homepage is the perfect way to show current students and future students what the university or college is about. And of course, it also shows them that the university or college they’re exploring has a great sense of style and digital presence.

When designing a website for universities and colleges, there’s one thing you have to remember; keep it visual. Universities and colleges do not only rely on the quality of their education system to attract new students, they also try to trigger emotions. An easy way to trigger this emotional involvement is through one of the biggest needs of students; social contact.

To show the engagement you have in your college or university–and to trigger that emotional involvement–we recommend you use real life pictures. Pick high-quality pictures of your university’s or college’s professors and students. We did the same thing for the freebie layout that we’re going to share with you in this post.


University Homepage Layout