Maybe we should have called it the “Ultimate Sales Funnel” because what Russell Brunson did to promote his latest book Expert Secrets is a funnel you can only describe as pure genius. In this post, we’ll give you a short overview of the landing page and then it’s up to you if you want to check out the funnel, as shown in the video that you will find below. Due to the fact that Russell is split testing his funnels all the time, the funnel might look a little different now then it looks in the actual video of the sales funnel. But we are sure you’ll appreciate this post and you will be able to learn a great deal about sales funnels by watching Russell explain what he did.

Creating the Ultimate Landing Page

So, the landing page… what about it? The page has a great headline for openers… What if people would actually pay you for your advice? If that doesn’t trigger the right audience for this book, what does? In the video below the headline and still above the fold (the part of the website you see when the browser window opens) Russell validates the audience immediately, which is a key psychological tactic to make people interested in wanting to watch on.

The Expert Secrets Book landing page has tons of graphics looking very professional. Also, a bit further down the page, there is a video of Russell talking to Tony Robbins, which give a lot of credibility to him and his product of course. He continues with testimonials (and they aren’t too shabby we must say), one after the other, of people having real success with his tactics described in the book. From hair stylists to coaches, there are a lot of people having success and needless to say, this will help “selling” his book (since he gives it away for free, we use quotation marks here 🙂 ). And it even includes the 11-year-old Emily Shai, so needless to say, Russell wants to make sure you understand even an 11-year-old is able to use his books and tactics.


Explaining The Funnel Behind The Landing Page

Russell Brunson explained the whole funnel in the video below. If you want to create beautiful and converting sales funnels yourself, this is an absolute must-watch video. From his series Funnel Fridays, we give you Funnel Fridays Episode 27. Enjoy and learn!