[from the ET Blog] Have you ever experienced a web design client that texts you during the weekend for tips on social media? How about the client that tries to haggle with you because they have a “friend” who can do something for a fraction of the price? Bad clients exist, and your business is going to suffer if you decide to work with them.

All web designers and developers need to get started somewhere. Unfortunately, that’s where we get stuck in a rut. You think, “Well, I need the money, and it would be nice to build my portfolio. What could go wrong?” The problem with this logic is that you’re already setting yourself up for failure. The first client decision you make as a young developer is sure to mix into your decisions in the future. After all, every client you talk to presents the possibility of more money, and every client helps build your portfolio.

The question is, what types of clients are going to be on that portfolio? What every designer/developer needs is an ideal client checklist or a list of criteria for each potential client that comes around. Here’s a tip: Make an ideal client checklist today and leave the bad clients for someone else to mess with.