Okay, I know the title is a little off, but I am trying to give you the best stuff when it comes to sales funnels. There is a lot to read about sales funnels, but not necessarily all is worth reading. So here are a few must-read blog posts I found for you to read which will help you in your understanding of sales funnels in general, with a short description on what you will learn reading that particular post. Clicking on the blue links in the headers will bring you to the actual blog post for your consideration.

Basic Definition of a Sales Funnel

The TechTarget Network tells you in very simple words what a sales funnel is. It takes you through the funnel by explaining:

  • awareness
  • interest
  • decision
  • action

If you have absolutely no clue what a sales funnel is and how it is helping you doing sales, this is a must read article. It also shows you some interesting sales strategies using sales funnels.

Kiss Metrics Blog – How Marketing Funnels Work

In this blog post you will learn:

  • What are marketing funnels?
  • Why are funnels beneficial?
  • A Funnel in Real Life…

There are a lot more data available in this post, including data about Google Analytics Funnels, but we advise to stick to the beginning part of the blog post and especially check out the graph about how funnels work.

17 Examples of Sales Funnels

In this blog post you will read the following definition of a sales funnel: “A series of steps designed to guide visitors toward a buying decision. The steps are composed of marketing assets that do the work of selling, like landing pages and email.” Personally, I couldn’t have said it better. In this blog post you are getting 17 funnels with full explanation, so you start understanding what your funnels should look like.